good things come in small packages
The Little Book on Meaning

The Little Book on Meaning: Why We Crave It, How We Create It

An intimate, thoughtful meditation on what truly matters in life—destined to become the perfect companion for anyone seeking greater meaning and purpose in life.

In The Little Book on Meaning, Laura Berman Fortgang reveals that while our hunger for a “meaningful” life can be enormous, our desire for meaning is usually satiated by bite-size morsels of meaning: the small, almost incidental events or “achievements” that make up the fabric of our lives. According to Fortgang, meaning is where you look for it, and through tenderly drawn stories from her own life and the lives of those around her, she shows readers how they too can peek around corners to discover the small things that truly matter. Books for a Better Life

The Little Book on Meaning has been chosen as a finalist for Books for a Better Life Awards! Laura is nominated with fellow authors the Dalai Lama, Pema Chodron, Harold Kushner, and Thomas Moore!

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