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Praise and Reviews for The Little Book on Meaning

Little Book on Meaning Life coach/interfaith minister Fortgang believes people can find meaning if they look for it in small, incidental events. After laying out five elements of meaning (Mystery, Minister, Magnificence, Mind, and Mystic), she organizes her message accordingly. Her personal story, interwoven with poetry, yoga meditations, and spiritual teachings, will inspire an appreciation for life in its many textures. Readers looking for something that goes beyond self-help's usual "love yourself" tenet will appreciate this heartfelt book.
- Library Journal

An aspiring actress turned interfaith minister and life coach, Fortgang (Living Your Best Life) knows what it is to strug gle to find meaning in life. The yearning, she says, “can swallow you whole.” Posing such questions as “What makes a mean ingful relationship with another person?” and “What constitutes meaningful work?” her lovely guide shows that mean ing has five components: “Mystery” probes life’s puzzles; “Minister” describes transactions between human beings (“to tend to another holding the space for their divinity and innocence to shine through”); “Magnificence” (“to see the di vine, the good, the right... in every per son”); “Mind” covers meditation (“What awaits us in the silence is ourselves”); and “Mystic” concludes that a New Spirituali ty is emerging: “The modern mystic is in tegrated—the worldly self and the spiri tual self working as one. The modern mystic is you.” Throughout, she writes honestly about exiting the maze of her own despair and depression as she demon strates ways to embrace life more fully. Fortgang’s writing is moving in its sim plicity and sincerity, and like her minis try, her message crosses religious borders; even nonbelievers will find basic truths. "
-Publisher's Weekly, starred review

"The Little Book on Meaning is a search for more – the wise kind of 'more.' By giving the reader an honest and courageous glimpse into her own search for meaning, Laura has offered a gift that is sure to touch the heart of anyone who longs for a rich, soul-connected life."
-Cheryl Richardson, NY Times Bestselling Author of Take Time for Your Life and The Art of Extreme Self Care

"This so-called “little book” packs a big punch. It is intelligent and lyrical, intimate and insightful, spiritual and earthy. And it reveals the meaning of true success and happiness."
-Robert Holden, Phd. Author of Happiness Now and founder of The Happiness Project

"Laura goes to new depths in this book and she bring us along with her. It can't help but raise your consciousness and allow you to recognize the meaning in all you do. What a blessing!"
-Iyanla Vanzant, New York Times Bestselling Author of Tapping the Power Within

"Laura Berman Fontgang speaks the truth. Her journey illuminates a path that, for so many, isn't easy or clear but deeply desired. She lights the way for all of us. Read this book to find courage, reassurance and peace."
-Rhonda Britten, author of Fearless Living and Founder of Fearless Living Institute

"Meaning is one of those subjects I'm obsessed with. How do we make it, find it, feel it? Can we? Laura's personal, moving, honest and funny exploration of our perennial yearning had me reading until late, dog-earing pages, and most of all, understanding meaning in a far deeper, truer way. What a nourishing exploration, one that will widen your ability to experience meaning every day and in the most heart filling, satisfying way."
-Jennifer Louden, author of The Woman's Comfort Book and The Life Organizer

“Fortgang gives readers tools to find the deeper meaning in life that we’re all looking for. Using her own experiences in life and as a coach, she shares her insights on how to reach the ease and flow that make for a peaceful and joyful existence.”
—Dr. Laura Berman, author of the New York Times bestseller Real Sex for Real Women and regular guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show

“The Little Book on Meaning is the grounded person’s guide to shifting into a sweeter way of being. Laura Fortgang Berman shows us how, even with driven natures, depression, and worldly responsibilities, we can open up to the love and mysticism that provide the deliverance we crave. She is funny, real, and practical and leaves you with a deep compassion for life.”
―Tama J. Kieves, bestselling author of This Time I Dance!: Creating the Work You Love

“Powerful, touching, insightful and full of ways to unlock the wonder of living a life you love, The Little Book of Meaning, is a treasure. Laura Berman Fortgang is a brilliant guide and great companion in helping us each find and live from what truly matters most.”
―Mary Manin Morrissey, author of Building Your Field of Dreams

“In this wise book Laura Berman Fortgang shares lovely stories from her own life and the lives of others to reveal how everyday people earn the hard-won wisdom that leads to the fulfillment of a meaningful life.”
―Julie Morgenstern, bestselling author of Organizing from the Inside Out and SHED Your Stuff, Change Your Life

“The Little Book on Meaning offers a spiritual philosophy and framework for life and can be shared with all faiths and ages. This book will touch every soul it crosses. A must read."
—Gary Quinn, bestselling author of Angel Wisdom and Living In The Spiritual Zone